Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic treatment highly beneficial for curing paralysis, nourishing the brain and improving the circulation in your head. In this treatment, medicinal oil is poured, dripped or applied over client’s forehead to relieve them from stress and migraine.


• It purify mind and calm nerves
• Helpful against anxiety and insomnia
• Helps relieve headache and nervousness
• Reduces shoulder and neck pains
• Prevents premature falling and graying of hair
• Helps to pursuit higher states of consciousness


It is one of the innovative and demanding treatments in Ayurveda usually recommended for rejuvenation, arthritis, and stress and skin diseases. Here in Elakizhi, Various herbal leaves and oils prepared in the form of bundles are applied on the entire body, shoulders, neck, hand and back while massaging and the applied herbal essence will be absorbed by the body. It helps the body to attain an enhanced circulation in the affected area and thereby to eliminate the wastes from the body. An Elakizhi massage can bring a total relief from pain, spinal disorders and low back pain.


Njavara is the unique type of highly vitamin enriched rice grown only in Kerala having significant medicinal properties. Njavarakizhi is admiringly a nourishing and rejuvenating treatment in Ayurvedic system of medicine. This procedure is now getting wide acceptance not only in this nation but also even in the other countries because of its effectiveness in treating various ills affecting circulatory, respiratory and digestive system. It is proven that njavarakizhi is useful in treating conditions like paralysis, arthritis, neurological disorders, tuberculosis etc.


It is a kind of Ayurvedic treatment done using certain herbal powders in order to cure arthritis, paralysis and various neuron-muscular conditions. It is effective in reducing or relieving overweight and obesity, rheumatic disorders, and muscular sprain.


Kativasthi is a special ayurvedic therapy ideal in the treatment of conditions like osteoporosis, prolapsed disc, chronic and acute back pain, lumbar spondylosis and spinal disorders. This procedure is highly useful in removing rigidity and muscle spasms and strengthening the bones, nerves, ligaments, and connective tissues. A specific region of the body is massaged with medicated oil gives that region a unique rejuvenation and an extremely nourished feeling.


Nasya is one of the Ayurvedic detoxification or cleansing therapy in Panchakarma. Here the herbal substances or liquid medicines are applied in to the nose, which is the gateway to the head. Several number of ailments related to the head can be effectively cured with this therapy if it is performed correctly and done on a regular basis. With a proper practice, it can enhance emotions and senses, can prevent premature graying of hair, and can keep eyes, nose, and ear healthier always.


Virechanam is a purification treatment is Ayurveda mainly focuses on eliminating the excess bile toxins accumulated in the body through a purgative therapy. Medicated castor oil or herbal powder may be the commonly used purgative medicine. As cleaning and evacuation of bowels is performing properly in this therapy, it can get rid of many of the digestive ailments effectively.

It improves person’s appetite and total bodily functions. Virechanam can also be seen as an excellent rejuvenation procedure and also effective in curing conditions like gastritis, jaundice, hypertension, kidney complaints and many other bodily conditions especially related to digestive system.


Abhyangam is a popular body massage in Ayurveda much beneficial for rejuvenation and relaxation, enhanced self-confidence and mental power, and prolonged lifespan Abhyangam soften skin texture, improves sensitivity of skins, prevents wrinkles and consequently helps the clients to have a healthier, happier and prolonged life. It can bring a total physical, mental and emotional enhancement. It provides relief from anxiety, arthritic problems, injuries, fatigue and circulatory disorders which in turn encourages the joints and muscles to relieve from stiffness and stimulate increased blood circulation.

This treatment helps body to build a resistance against germs and diseases and immunity towards various environmental factors too.


Udwarthanam is a special deep tissue massage therapy using herbal powders or oils. In this therapeutic treatment, the powder is rubbed forcibly on the body and a massage is performed later on the whole body. It is excellent to lose weight by removing the excess fat accumulated in the subcutaneous tissues and dead cellulite. Regular udwarthanam is very effective for improving blood circulation, mobility of joints, strength of muscles, for removing bad body odor, reduced blood cholesterol, healthy skin, rejuvenation and a total well-being.

Find your inner peace (Stress Management)

Our bouquet of treatment have been specially formulated for the strenuous life caused due to the work environments and extreme weather condition.

Head aches

Poor concentration, increased anger and relation troubles suffered can be reduced with daily consultation with Ayurveda doctor, Ayurvedic Therapy sessions like Abyanga, Sirodhara, Pizhichil, etc and also added with yoga and meditation sessions. Days of treatments are given as a package of 7 days,14 days and 21 days.

Adieu to toxins (Rejuvenation package)

Body purification helps in removing the toxins deposited in the body. This can be attained through Panchakarma treatment in Ayurveda. Externally and rejuvenating medicines internally. This therapy is for 90 mins to 2hrs per day for 7,14 to 21 days. Sessions include Abyanga, kihi, herbal face panchakarma, pizhichil etc.

Align your spine (Muscle and Spine relaxation package)

The empirical Ayurvedic massage passing through hands and foot either through all vital points (marma) revitalize and restore your muscles from tension and stress. Along with different types of massages the package is also added with Kizhi, Kadivasthy and yoga postures. It can be finished in 7,14 or 21 days. Massage helps to regularize the aggravated vata, the main cause for pain. Ayurveda suggested the pain, specifically muscular can be managed, if not prevented holistic approach of Ayurvedic therapies along with medicines, life style changes, and yoga will help to attain the goal.

Radiance ( Beauty & Ante ageing care )

Both face and body care through Ayurveda helps in radiating a glow naturally through special herbal formulations. Beauty is directly related to our emotional state and that too is taken care of. This helps in restoring the cellular nutrition and improving the blood circulation. The procedures included are cleansing, steam, face packs, massages with oils, honey mixed with herbs, milk mixed with herbs, Kizhi, oil bath etc. Minimum of 7days to 21 days of package gives better results.

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